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As an associate professor at King's College London's School of Security I am researching warfare below the threshold of war, looking at how particularly non-state actors contribute to a broadening and widening of the character of war in the 21st century. My geographic focus is on the Middle East and North Africa.

Areas of Interest

  • Civil-Military Relations and Security Sector Reform in the Middle East

  • Privatization of Security

  • Remote Warfare by Human and Technological surrogate

  • Information Operations as Means of Subversion

My research has been widely published in university presses and other academic presses as well as in leading peer-reviewed journals of the security studies discipline. An overview over my research activities can be found here.


I am currently finalizing a new monograph entitled "Subversion - The Weaponization of Narratives" which looks at how vulnerabilities in the cognitive, infrastructural and physical domain of the information environment can be exploited by malicious actors trying to achieve strategic, political objectives through the subversive potential of disinformation. In the information-based network societies of the 21st century, the subversive nature of (dis)information transcends the information space and can alter socio-political decisions and events. Disinformation warriors of any kind take advantage of the exacerbated vulnerabilities in the contemporary information environment “to bend the international information environment to their will” .