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As an associate professor at King's College London's School of Security I am researching warfare below the threshold of war, looking at how particularly non-state actors contribute to a broadening and widening of the character of war in the 21st century. My geographic focus is on the Middle East and North Africa.

Areas of Interest

  • Network-centric Statecraft 

  • Remote Warfare by Human and Technological surrogate

  • Information Operations as Means of Subversion

My research has been widely published in university presses and other academic presses as well as in leading peer-reviewed journals of the security studies discipline. An overview over my research activities can be found here.


My newest Georgetown UP book "Subversion - The Strategic Weaponization of Narratives" examines how malicious state and nonstate actors take advantage of the information space to sow political chaos. I reveals how the coordinated use of weaponized narratives can achieve strategic-level effects. Preying on vulnerable states and communities to find the fault lines within societies, these campaigns begin in the information space with an ultimate goal of producing tangible results.

I also just commenced a new research project unpacking the notion of network-centric statecraft, whereby states re-orchestrate the levers of national power through delegation to private and semi-private networks to achieve national objectives.

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